How many security levels are available?

        • 6 DIN levels or security levels. Some companies claim there is 7 however level 7 is normally the same size as level 6.

What is the difference between Cross Cut and Straight Cut?

        • Straight Cut – strips and Cross Cut – confetti

Can I shred CD & DVD’s?

        • Yes depending on the shredder. Most of the Kobra shredders do shred both.

The shredder bin is to small can I get a bigger bin?

      • Yes with our Kobra 385 model. However if the security level is higher it will increase the amount of paper the bin can hold.


Trimmers & Guillotines

          Can the blades be sharpened?

        • Yes, but only a limited amount of times then you will need to replace the blade.

Which machine should I use for more precise cuts?

      • Trimmers are designed for precision cuts however the volume is lower then a Guillotine.


          Do you have a Comb & Wire binder?

        • Yes, we have a few different Dual DSB binding machines.

What is the difference between 3.1 & 2.1 Pitch on wire elements?

        • The amount of loops and the spaces between each loop.

Can I use a 2.1 pitch element on a 3.1 pitch machine?

      • No, as the amount of loops are different the different elements would not fit.


          Do you get a A2 Pouch laminator?

        • Yes, should you need larger we also supply role laminators.

Can I laminate photos?

      • Yes, as long as you select the correct temperature.


        What happens if the machine breaks?

      • If this happens you can take it to the Stationer/Retail Store you purchased the machine and they will either replace or repair the machine for you. If they are unable to help please let us know.

Do you offer industrial machines?

      • Yes, after a site visit we would be able to determine which machine would work best.

Where can I buy products on the site?

    • We have Dealers around the country, just as for our brands by name.