The Denton Office Team

Philip Venter

Business Development Manager
Philip Venter worked in the office automation field for over 6 years before moving over to the data destruction and print finishing industry, in 2008. Philip’s focus is to expand the D.O.S dealer network country wide. He enjoys challenges and experiencing different business cultures around the country, making his job rewarding. Philip is a family man and enjoys being home with his little princess and his charming wife.

Mandy Lala

Johannesburg Sales executive
Mandy Lala our Gauteng dealer sales and support. Mandy enjoys building lasting relationships with all her customers. Mandy takes the time to understand your requirements and offers the best solution for the application. Mandy is based in-house and has mastered her knowledge on the specifications of the products range to give advise over the telephone. Mandy’s passion in working with the D.O.S team is evident in her approach to the most valuable commodity within our company “Our Customers” Her motto at home and work is: No mountain high enough!

Kashnee Pillay

Senior Accounts Facilitator
Kashnee Pillay our bookkeeper, enjoys working in the accounts department and solving all the challenges in her department. Kashnee has studied whilst working achieving her goals as a senior book-keeper. She has advanced her career in D.O.S working through the various departments in the accounts sector. Her ability to manage accounts and still keep calm puts a smile on everyone’s face in the office. Her goals are constantly to further her studies and improve her accounting knowledge.

Precious Kafumba

Logistics Coordinator JHB
Precious has a great logistics foundation and is always wanting to learn more. He is dedicated to the team and delivering to his best. His communication skills and likable personality has helped him get the logistics department working well. Precious believes that everything happens for a reason and we will all see the great outcome when the time is right.

Ricky Correia

Area Sales Manager: Western Cape/ Eastern Cape
Ricky has worked in the industry for over 40 years changing with the industry. Starting in the technical side has built his knowledge of the machines gives him the ability to assist customers faster and better. He enjoys working with a team and getting the support when he needs it. As area sales manager he is expanding on our customer interaction and visibility. The team enjoys working with Ricky. We are glad to have someone with so much knowledge join the team and we look forward to seeing the Cape Town sales team grow under his assistance.

Maheer Burrows

Logistics Manager
Maheer joins the team with years of corporate experience to offer the team. He is a focused individual that works well with structures. In the logistics department this is a crucial part of getting things done he is currently implementing new structures to improve customer delivery times. He works well with the team and finds the challenges exciting and refreshing. Maheer aims at using his time to the best of his ability which is carried over when he is at home with his family.

Brenda Ngcelwane

Cape Town Sales executive
Brenda Ngcelwane is not new to the industry, she has 7 years in the office machines industry behind her. She is putting her mind towards increasing sales in the Western Cape and building lasting relationships with all her customers. Although she has worked in the industry she is still bringing new ideas to the team. Being a single mother she understands the importance of multi tasking and being methodical with her approach.

Vivian Ranganai

Johannesburg Sales Executive
Vivian has been in the stationery industry for 5 years and brings a lot of industry knowledge with her. She always does her best to give customers what they want and need. Learning the new products is something she enjoys and is always open to new information. Like most good sales people when she is not in the office she cant stop thinking of how to improve her sales skills.

Jenine Smith

Receptions/ Office Admin
Jenine is has worked as an office administrate for most of her working life. This helps give her the running start when jumping into the positions at D.O.S Cape Town. Her focus on structure and keeping the customer happy allows her to fit into the team easily. When she is not in the office she loves getting out in the sun and spending time on the beach with the family.

Jabu Peter

Cape Town Sales Executive
Jabu has worked in sales for most of his working life and feels that sales is in his blood. He aims at making sure that the customer gets the best support and the correct product every time. His competitive side gives him the push he needs when he comes up against any competition. When he is not at work he cant help him self but look for new customers which the family enjoy watching.

Franklin Carelse

Cape Town Service Technician/ Driver
Franklin enjoys working with his hands and finds being on the road relaxing. Working in the courier industry has opened up many short routes getting the products to customers much faster. His love of cars and everything fast takes up his free time.

Sheri Duncan

HR Manager
Sheri Duncan has worked in the human resource segment for over 20 years. She has worked with large corporates and was able to bring a lot to D.O.S thanks to this. Her knowledge in the recruitment division has given us the ability to expand our team with the best. Sheri is dedicated to her work but one thing more and that is her family.

Logan Martin

Cape Town Service Technician/ Driver
Logan Martin has being working in the technical manufacturing industry for over 9 years. With the training provided by Denton Office Solutions he is now qualified to work on the full range of machines offered with his main focus on Kobra shredders. When he is not at work focused on getting the machines to the customers he is at home with his pillar of strength his wife.

Tanya Denton

MD and Owner
Tanya Denton, Owner of Denton Office Solutions (D.O.S). has worked in the industry for more then 30 years and has been able to evolve with the changing times. Tanya travels between the different offices around the world and monitors her businesses digitally mainly focusing on communications with suppliers. Although Tanya is not always in the country she certainly has her finger on the pulse. Tanya trusts her team with the day-to-day running of the business. Tanya is all about building a company like a family and her motto supports this: Empower your people and you will grow.

Godfrey Mdnovu

Service Technician
Godfrey Mdnovu has been in the industry for 12 years and has acquired knowledge and experience in both the logistics and service channels. Its his love for service and repairing machines that he is now working in the D.O.S Johannesburg service department. He enjoys being able to exceed the customers expectation. When Godfrey is not in the service department he enjoys catching up on the yellow and black Kaizer Chefs football team.

Theo Denton

General Manager
Theo Denton has more then 17 years of experience in the office machines industry. His experience and in other industries has taught him that every industry has an idea on offer which can be successfully implemented in one’s own industry. “We live and learn” Theo manages the business operations in Cape Town and Johannesburg and is responsible for key accounts. His charismatic approach to customer service and communication has resulted in sustainable growth and lasting business relationships. Theo has introduced a new approach on the digital marketing to D.O.S. and our products. The very little time Theo is not working is spent with his family and enjoying nature.